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Trellises evoke the beauty of childhood fantasies . . . like something from a scene from one of our favorite books, a beautifully crafted trellis pulls us into the garden, accentuating the beauty of the flora and bringing culture and design to the wild wonder of the natural world. A perfect trellis not only harnesses growth in our gardens, it also adds to the ambience, providing a beautiful structural relief to the gorgeousness of free-flowing vines and effervescent floral scents and colors.

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Why H Potter trellises?

Here at H Potter we love classic European beauty, continually reminiscent of the days when gardens cultivated for beauty were the sole purview of the wealthy, with time and money to employ gardeners and import fine accessories. Our trellises reflect that passion, reminiscent of historical Victorian beauty through a variety of shapes and designs.

What kinds of trellises can I buy? What can I use a trellis for?

trellisAs you browse through our site offerings below, you'll enjoy seeing the variety of uses for trellises in today's gardens. We offer paneled trellises with two or more panels (insite link) in case you want a living screen to divide or define outdoor living areas. If you need to divide an area with no existing soil to plant in, you can purchase our Mediterranean planter screen to provide beautiful defined seating areas even within an existing porch. This planter can even be used indoors, to provide a magnificent backdrop or divider in an office or home space.

We provide trellises in a variety of heights including those up to 6 feet and 8 feet tall! These very tall metal structures can add a completely new dimension of height to an area of your garden that might otherwise feel boring.

Some of our trellises double to either stand alone or be used with an existing pot, elevating even a smaller garden beauty (onion dome trellis). Trellises can provide a structure for growing vines such as clematis or grape vines or they can simply serve as an additional dose of wonder to an already incredible garden scene. While some trellises exist merely to provide functional support, our H Potter trellises are beautiful enough to be used even without plants as garden accents.

How do I choose my trellis?

Look for function first when buying your trellis. Make sure it is strong enough for the vine or plant it will be used to support, and tall enough to encourage proper growth in your plant. Strength and durability is one of the reasons we carry so many wrought iron trellises.

Next look at the form of your trellis. Your garden trellis can be purchased to imitate the natural lines of your home and garden. Look for shapes that will complement rather than compete with your existing home architecture and garden design. The beautiful intricacies of the trellis you buy should again, find a way to echo or enhance what is already in and around your home. This is one of the reasons we offer such a variety of beautiful trellis designs for sale.

Why should I buy a wrought iron or metal trellis?

At H Potter we have focused our efforts on supplying only the best trellises, ones we would happily use for our own gardens. While wood or plastic trellises may certainly be adequate in some settings, they lack both the charm and the durability of a beautiful metal trellis.

How can I find a trellis on sale? Is it worth the cost?

Like all sites, H Potter does have sales or discounts! However when comparing prices keep in mind that a beautiful trellis is much like a gorgeous couch. The structural lines and the solid craftsmanship are worth every penny of the price you pay. We are used to thinking of our gardens as investments that stay with our homes, but trellises are half-garden accessory and half-furniture. They are an investment that can be moved with you wherever you go and will always show off any property to the fullest.

Enjoy choosing a trellis!

As with all we do at H Potter, we stand behind our trellises 100%. We've found that they are durable, strong, absolutely beautiful and completely functional. We look forward to helping you select and install one that perfectly suits your home and garden. Please let us know if we can personally assist you with any questions or concerns you may have as you shop for trellises.

Now, have fun!

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