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About H Potter

H Potter 

H Potter started, like so many great businesses of the United States, on the kitchen table after family dinner and before sending the littlest in the group to bed. Over the last 15 years, H Potter has grown, but stills maintains its family roots. The owners have and continue to pass down their commitment to quality, beauty, and always creating a product that you can't just find at the big box store at the strip mall.

With H Potter you won't encounter long wait times if there is a problem, and we are more than happy to share tips with you if you just give us a ring or send us a quick email. Over the years we have become the go to in outdoor decor for thousands. This has also meant that we have acquired a bit of knowledge on the subject and have met even more knowledgeable folks on the way. To share and introduce you to the most knowledgeable amongst us, we have put together and maintain a blog of some of the greatest gardeners in the world. It is our hope that we not only bring you a great product but also share and experience your garden success with you.

To Sum it Up- Our Mission 

* Grow our family of new and returning customers. This means making sure you get what you need when you need it. Gardens are places where families gather and experience great moments; we want to make sure our products are helping you not only impress your in-laws but also creating an atmosphere that will make coming together better! 

* Create products that are fantastic looking, useful, and inspire YOU! 

* Share and exchange our knowledge! Here at H Potter, a long-term goal of our company is to create an atmosphere on our website that feels like your local garden center. We strive to create a space where we share what we know and you feel comfortable sharing your garden secrets and successes. Our goal is to not only offer great products, but also a great community. Please send us your photos, posts your questions, and don't be afraid to tell us what you think!

Thank You.

Julie and Jerry Peed

For fastest service text questions or customer service issues to Jerry at 208-640-4206

You can also email