Warehouse Deals H Potter Used Large Planter with Drip Tray Tall Copper Patio Deck Garden Planters

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Planter Dimensions:
Approximately 14.5 inches square at widest, 36 inches high
Bottom Drip Tray:
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Was: $244.00
Now: $122.00

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This listing is for the planter with drip tray.

PERFECT PATIO PLANTER - Add elegance and beauty to any outdoor or indoor space of your home with this attractive raised square planter. It’s handcrafted from rust-resistant stainless steel with an antique copper finish and clear lacquer top coat. Sleek and classy, it blends well with any type of décor.

ENDLESS PLACEMENT OPTIONS - Lightweight pedestal flower planter is easy to move, yet quality constructed for durability. Measurements are 14.5 inches square at widest, 36 inches high. Place inside or outside your home, on your deck, patio or balcony. Purchase a pair of two planters to place on each side of your front door entrance, walkway, garage, fireplace or staircase.

EASE OF USE - Custom planting insert makes adding or changing your foliage a breeze, and you can mix it up for each new season or holiday. Insert measures 12 inches deep and can accommodate any floral arrangement without having to fill the entire hollow body. Also includes 4 drainage holes so water can exit easily through bottom of planter.

BUILT TO LAST - H Potter planters are designed to last. This piece is 100% handmade with top quality craftsmanship. Its supreme durability ensures it is resistant to any type of weather and will maintain its color, form and functionality for many years to come.

QUALITY BY H POTTER - H Potter has been designing and manufacturing premium quality garden products for over 20 years. We do not pretend to be the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. Packaged well, with stunning craftsmanship and backed by great customer service, we’re proud to say our garden products are built to last.

At the base of the planter you will find a drainage hole and grate
This feature allows you to fill the base with rocks for stability while still allowing for ample drainage
If you choose to use indoors, simply cover the grate with a water catching receptacle of your choice