Why H Potter Terrariums

When Frontgate, 1800-Flowers, and Crabtree & Evelyn need terrariums, they call the H Potter company.

H Potter has been designing, manufacturing, and selling terrariums to garden centers, gift stores, large retailers, catalog companies, and internet companies since 1995.

Everyday retailers are purchasing terrariums from H Potter, now you have the same access to buy the exact same terrariums. Our terrariums are top quality, not only beautiful, but also fully functional.

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With H Potter you can be assured that you are receiving a quality product, not only well made, but personally designed by our owner. Professional packaging assures that when you buy and H Potter item as a present for a loved one they will be ecstatic when opening their new gift.

Over the past 15 plus years we have planted more terrariums than we can count and we have consulted with experts around the country. Our website will offer you helpful hints on how to plant and what plants will perform best in your new Wardian Case. The beauty of a terrarium is that it becomes a self-contained garden, requiring little maintenance, great for times when life just gets a little too hectic. You can still have a beautiful garden in your home with minimal effort, plus a terrarium keeps little fingers and pets from pouncing on your new exotic orchid or playing in your fairy garden.

“Let's face it - chocolate is boring, cut flowers fade. If you want to give your mother a blast to the past and a trend gift at the same time, think about terrariums.”
“Developing a miniature living landscape in a terrarium is a pleasurable winter pastime affording plant buffs a chance to reveal their creative skills.”
Art Kozelka, Chicago Tribune
“Terrariums aren’t hard to find...Here are a few of our favorite sources for terrariums... www.hpotter.com”
The New Terrarium by Tovah Martin

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What makes H Potter terrariums the best choice?

Each unit comes with a plastic liner for easy, clean planting. The tray depth is optimum for the layers of planting material needed for a functional terrarium. Our glass is 1/8” thick with lead-free solder which protects you and the environment. Several of our terrarium styles have hinged doors in the roof panels which allow for easily misting your plants or opening the door for short periods for ventilation.

Sure you can use an old jar or aquarium to create a terrarium, so why choose an H Potter style? H Potter terrarium designs are based on old English conservatories. The architectural styling of our Wardian Cases bring beauty to your home and accentuate the magnificence of even the tiniest of ferns.

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Frequently asked questions

How often will I need to water my terrarium?
Somewhat dependent on the type of plants you choose, typically you might want to lightly water your miniature garden anywhere from once a week to once a month. Watch the glass for condensation. Heavy condensation means you need a little air, which is a great time to open your roof panel. Looking too dry, add just a little water at a time. Even a quarter cup of water can be enough for your terrarium’s water cycle.

What are some good beginner plants for a terrarium?
Ivies and ferns are simple, elegant terrarium plants and there are many varieties to choose from. Orchids are not only happy under glass they are also protected from little fingers, pets and dust bunnies.