Terrarium Planting FAQ

FAQs about planting your H Potter terrarium

Q: Why start with a layer of pea gravel and activated charcoal, and why is this mixture spread evenly on the bottom of the tray?


A: The gravel helps with drainage and root rot prevention, the charcoal keeps decay at bay.


Q: Why add a layer of sphagnum moss, followed by a layer of soil to nearly fill the tray?


A: The moss acts as a filter and keeps the soil from falling into the drainage.


Q: Why should you tease the roots if your plant has a root ball?


A: You want your plants roots to grow out horizontally, not to continue growing in a circle as they were in their original pot.


Q: Why should I tamp the soil to help remove air pockets?


A: Air pockets can cause the root of your plant to dry out, so you want the plants roots to be surrounding soil.


Q: Why only water the soil very lightly?


A: Your terrarium will be recycling its own water and you don’t want waterlogged soil.


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