Warehouse Deals H Potter Used WAR148 Terrarium

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H Potter’s Warehouse Deals offers returned products to customers at a discounted price. Products listed in Warehouse Deals are items returned to our warehouses for a myriad of reasons, these products may have received damage during the shipping process or other faults from production, shipping, or storage. Some items may have dings and dents, be missing hardware, have misaligned pilot holes, etc. Please note that all packages will be sent in their original packaging, which will most likely have received damage during the shipping process. All products are sold as is no other discounts can be applied and we will not supply missing parts and hardware or accept returns for critical faults in any given item. Images are not representative of the condition of the item.


NOTE: Some products contain glass or other fragile materials, these may be cracked, broken, or chipped. All items are sold as is, no returns or refunds.

Metal base with powder-coated finish.  Once planted glass top will meet soil/moss to create your enclosed garden.

Glass Wardian Case constructed like a stained glass lamp with 3mm thick glass and lead-free solder to protect you and the environment.


Props and plants are not included. 

Dimensions: 9.25"L x 5.75"W x 8.75"H