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How a Flower Box on Your Window Can Transform Your Home

13th Mar 2021

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Ideas For Decorating Your Window Planters

11th Mar 2021

When considering all of the ways that you can decorate the outside of your home, you may come up with the idea of using window planters to show off your tastes to the world. You can use these a … read more

Why Would You Want a Wall Trellis?

8th Mar 2021

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Flower Boxes for Windows: Care and Maintenance

4th Mar 2021

Do you live in an area where you don’t have access to a garden or common grounds, but you simply love greenery? Are you in an apartment without a porch that doesn’t give you the ability to grow in p … read more

Finding the Right Porch Planters

26th Feb 2021

It can be fun decorating your porch for all the world to see and appreciate, especially when you are used to keeping your backyard garden presentable, but expect fewer people to see your efforts the … read more