H Potter

How to Keep Succulent Plant Pots Indoors

31st Mar 2021

Over the past several years, we have seen succulents make a great rise in popularity as home and office plants. Succulents are such beautiful and resilient plants that we can't say we are very surp … read more

Benefits of Keeping an Indoor Herb Planter

26th Mar 2021

We cannot say this with any more certainty, but everyone has something to gain from getting their own indoor herb planter. Everyone. Herbs are so easy to grow and add a noticeable improvement t … read more

Advice for Keeping a Beautiful Window Planter Box

23rd Mar 2021

A window planter box can be a great way to decorate the outside of your home so that it can be seen by anyone passing by. As beautiful as you may have made your backyard garden, its beauty … read more

How to Decorate Using Outdoor Candle Lanterns

17th Mar 2021

With so much stunning imagery of decorative candlelight during festivals and parties, it's no wonder we still employ this traditional form of lighting today. While they are no longer a necessity,&nb … read more