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Front Porch Planters to Liven up the Front of Your Home

8th May 2021

First impressions are everything. When your friends, family, and neighbors come to visit your home, the first thing that will grab their attention will be your front porch or patio. There are many … read more

Why Your Garden Could Benefit From A Metal Arbor Trellis

27th Apr 2021

As you shop around, looking for new ways to decorate your home, garden, and patio area, you are probably looking for something that truly has an impact. You want something that stands out, but stil … read more

Accenting Your Home and Garden with a Rose Trellis

19th Apr 2021

Roses are beautiful, classic plants that exhibit a lot of variety in color, size, growth patterns, and overall appearance and character. From vibrant, bright reds to glowing whites and even bold, in … read more

A Guide to Keeping Glass Terrariums

12th Apr 2021

Do you consider yourself a person who enjoys the relaxation and reward of growing your own plants in pots, planters, or in the garden during the summer months? Are you one of those who are not bless … read more

How to Decide What Type of Plant Trellis You Want

9th Apr 2021

A beautiful plant trellis full of healthy vines and blooming flowers makes a fantastic addition to anyone's garden. We can see why anyone would be interested in adorning their home gardens with … read more