Garden Arbors

Garden Arbor Arches provide support for all types of plants, with a durable and heavy duty design there’s almost no plant that this garden monolith is unable to provide a beautiful base for. An H Potter Garden Arbor provides ideal support for climbing plants and growing vines such as climbing rose bushes, clematis, and so many more.

Garden Arbors From H Potter

Are you looking for a centerpiece for your garden or backyard? Look no further than the H Potter Garden Arbor. 


Artistic Durability of a Garden Arbor Arch

H Potter’s Garden Arbors are built to last as the center of your garden. Our arbors are handcrafted out of sturdy iron and powder coated to stand as a testament to your garden, backyard, or courtyard. 


Garden Arbor Plans a Regal Canvas

A Garden Arbor Trellis is made to be the focal point of any space that it occupies, whether that is to serve as a frame for climbing plants and vines or to show its own elegance and artistic design. 

Garden Arbors are special with this dual ability to convey the beauty of the garden with or without the help of plants. The Garden Arch work is a canvas for nature, the lattice work on the sides provides places for plants to get a hold, the roof provides a place for the garden to create its own shade, and the columns create a place where the stronger, heavier plants can grow upwards. 

However, none of this detracts from the artistic grandeur of the arbor itself, which stands alone with or without the assistance of plants in summer or winter. 


Garden Arbor Trellis Flexibility and Strength

While Metal Garden Arbors may seem confined to a garden space, the possibilities for your creativity are endless! 

Garden Arbors can be used as entrances to your garden, color and texture in the garden, support for climbing plants, or even with a garden bench to create the perfect shaded spot to sit in the garden. 

With the power of your mind an arbor defies artistic limitations, you can even use the pin and hinge design of the Large Iron Trellis Arbor to add more panels to your garden space.


Garden Arbor Arch a Unique Difference

While Wrought Iron Garden Arbors share similar characteristics with trellising, the arbor’s arch creates an entirely different set of rules for the garden. While many garden features will allow a plant to exist only in a vertical plane, the arbor arch allows plants and vines to climb around the roof of the arbor, creating shade and different opportunities for the gardener. 


Metal Garden Arbors Stand Out From the Crowd 

A Garden Arbor Trellis is the perfect way to create a garden environment that stands out from all the others. The H Potter Garden Arbor Trellis Arch creates this impeccable impression on anyone who sees it, as a towering 8 foot tall addition to the garden. 


Find Your Perfect Garden Arbor for Sale at H Potter

Before you dive into the world of garden arbors, you should consider the needs and focus of your garden, and reflect on the vision you have for it. Fortunately, at H Potter, we have the garden arbors to satisfy the creativity of gardeners everywhere. 

Each one of our designs is durable enough to weather any climate, from the Florida heat to the Colorado snow. No matter what you are looking for, whether you want a stand alone monument, a place to grow your climbing plants, a gate, bench, or any combination of things,reach out to our team today to ask how our garden arbors can take your garden or landscaping to the next level.