About H Potter



Jerry Peed

For over 25 years, H Potter has been accenting homes and gardens throughout the country with our hand-crafted, uniquely designed, indoor and outdoor items. H Potter’s product line has increased to over 150 items since we first started in 1997 by building our own terrariums. Today we offer home and garden products including, our classic terrariums, trellises, lanterns, window boxes, garden planters, small planters, side tables, and torches. Each of our products are handmade from high quality materials including raw copper, stainless steel, and even hand-blown glass. We guarantee a high quality and long lasting product to accent your home or garden. 

We got our start as a family owned business all the way back in 1997, when we became one of the first companies to bring terrariums back into popularity among home gardeners. Our family owned background has driven the vision of H Potter during the last 27 years, we are primarily focused on the customer experience and want to provide a product that our family would enjoy. Having been raised on farms, we understand the value of home gardening and have spent many hours raising our family around the garden.  From building a garden designed to keep our hard work protected from moose and elk to the joy of fresh berries and vegetables to the beauty of lilacs, peonies and hostas surrounding our home, we know how important this rewarding experience of gardening is to many other similar families. We use the products we design all throughout our own home and garden, if we don’t trust the product, why should you?

Customers like you are our priority. If you have an issue, or want to give us product feedback, give Jerry a call at 208-640-4206. If you are looking for a quicker more efficient response, please text Jerry and include pictures and your order number. Customer input helps us in so many ways, from streamlining safe packaging, to designing and releasing new products. We have released a number of products such as side and end tables, new wardian cases, and others because you asked and we listened, and we are currently working on new trellises, obelisks, and arbors to tailor to the wants and needs of our customers!