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HandCrafted Home & Garden Products by H Potter!

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Terrarium Gardens: The Science and Beauty

Terrariums are pure magic, lighting up the faces of everyone who catches sight of these rare bits of natural beauty, indoors. I've noticed that these little mini secret-gardens offer delight and calm to each home they grace. And the process of creating them is pure joy to gardeners and non-gardeners alike. It's incredible to watch how even children delight in the miniature world of the terrarium and when allowed, will eagerly assist you in creating your own.

A terrarium shouldn’t be forgotten

Your interaction with a terrarium shouldn’t end when you’ve tucked in the last plant and closed the lid. Terrariums are low-maintenance, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean they should be forgotten. Hopefully, you’ll be so riveted by your crystal kingdom that you’ll be inspired to invest plenty of time admiring the small masterpiece you’ve created. And while you’re at it, you might want to do a little upkeep and keep your small world perking happily along.

Terrarium design is all up to you

The point where a terrarium and talent intersect comes in the design stage of your miniature glass garden. Basically, anyone can lay out a miniature landscape inside of a terrarium, and you don’t need design credentials or much experience. And no one can really tell you exactly how to accomplish the feat. It’s got to come from your heart. But with that said, I’ll try to offer some easy design ideas that might make the process roll easier off your fingertips.Like any canvas, plan to fill the entire space of your terrarium.

H. Potter's Outdoor Decor: Terrariums, Bird Feeders, Trellises and More!

Welcome to H. Potter, home of the most unique and classic styles of outdoor décor, outdoor patio furniture, glass terrariums, wardian cases, trellises, copper window boxes, and much more. Here at H.Potter we not only offer a great product that will mean success for you in your herb garden, orchid collection, terrarium moss, and other wonderful plants but we also provide you with the resources you need to ensure this success. Here at HPotter.com, you will be able to find information on the best terrarium plants, terrarium supplies, garden trellises, window boxes, and unique garden gifts.

Handbuilt Terrariums

At H Potter, the terrariums we sell are living snapshots of nature that are crafted and nurtured for your enjoyment. Both beautiful and functional, our terrariums enrich the nation's gardens, yards, corners, and offices and showrooms. H Potter has been crafting terrariums for more than 15 years and our unique designs are drawn only by experts who adapt our products to your needs. We know that you're on a hectic schedule, so we design terrariums that allow you to have beautiful patches of living greens in your homes, which require minimal effort to maintain.

Terrariums and Technology

Today, there could be two or three digital devices in our pockets at any one time, allowing us to easily set appointments with colleagues or to share delights with friends hundreds of miles away. How these things work makes us marvel and say to ourselves that life without them would be impossible. And so we fill our homes and offices with these new digital marvels that now constantly pull at our senses.

Can dirt, moss, and bromeliads truly excite us as much as smart phones and tablets do?

Yes. That's the one-word lesson our 15 years of committed craftsmanship taught us. And it's a lesson that affirms our belief that the simple magic of growing things still beguiles people. That's probably why our terrariums for sale constantly find their way into niche gift shops, garden centers and specialty catalog companies. And why our customer base is growing at a rather surprising rate.

Beautify Your Home With Unique Garden Decor and Garden Gifts

H.Potter is dedicated to bringing you wonderful products that you can add to your collection of outdoor décor. Our terrariums, copper window boxes, copper bird feeders, bird baths, and quality outdoor patio furniture will give your backyard or garden the unique garden décor look of famous gardens around the world.

Fifteen years of crafting terrariums for sale and unique outdoor decors should have taught us a lesson or two. Well, in fact, they did. We learned over the years that no matter how human progress and technology continue to redefine the places where we live and work, our connections with nature always sneak their way into the small patches of space that truly matter to us.

Our Product Catalog

You might think sprucing up your house is going to be a tall order. You'll be surprised. Our finely crafted decors, furniture, and terrariums are designed to transform homes and offices from unexciting stretches of walls and floors into spaces where nature and craftsmanship intersect. Check our catalog for classically styled trellises, Edwardian cases, window-boxes wrought from copper, and terrariums for sale, then start redefining the places that matter to you.

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